Periodontal Therapy – Chardon, OH

Your Gums Need Care Too

Woman sharing a healthy smile after periodontal therapy

When most people think of gum disease, they assume it will never affect them, especially if they don’t notice anything wrong with their gums. However, gum disease is not only difficult to catch, but can turn very serious if not given the attention it needs. In fact, it can even affect other parts of your body when left untreated, including your heart, lungs, brain, and joints! We can help you renew oral health with periodontal therapy in Chardon, OH.

Why Choose Hilltop Family Dental for Periodontal Therapy?

  • Soft Tissue Laser for Improved Comfort
  • Localized Antibiotic Therapy In-House
  • Precise Scaling and Root Planing Performed

Scaling & Root Planing

Patient receiving scaling and root planing treatment

When gum disease is mild or moderate, deep cleaning treatment is typically recommended. This process consists of two steps: scaling and root planing. During the scaling procedure, we make use of an ultrasonic cleaner that breaks down plaque and tartar deposits so that the gums can begin to heal properly. From there, root planing is done to smooth out the roughened surfaces of the tooth roots. That way, we can prevent plaque from gathering moving forward and reduce the risk of the infection coming back.

Arestin Antibiotic Therapy

Arestin antibiotic therapy system

After we’ve completed all deep cleaning procedures, it’s important to give gum tissue additional attention as they begin to heal at home. This is where Arestin antibiotic therapy comes in. This topical solution is applied directly to the gums or taken as a pill. No matter how your treatment is administrated, it will help eliminate the bacteria that causes gum disease, particularly in areas we are not able to access. Keep in mind that we will advise you to come back for more regular dental cleanings to confirm the treatment is working and that gum disease has not returned.